CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It describes how Html elements should be displayed on the screen. It is a powerful tool for web designers to change the design and control over web pages that how they should be displayed. It is supported by all browsers and is designed primarily to separate the document content from the document presentation.
t was developed by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) in 1996. The term cascading in CSS implies the fact that you can apply multiple style sheets to a single web page. The extension used to save CSS files is ".css".
CSS Framework

CSS frameworks are pre-defined libraries, including:

  • Blueprint
  • Cascade Framework
  • Foundation
  • Bootstrap.


  • A global style sheet can be used in CSS so that you can make some changes in the style without much difficulty and consume less time.
  • You may create one external style sheet and can use it for many web page styling.
  • You can attach a different style sheet to a web page by just changing one line.